Welcome. FTIAS forms part of a multi-national organisation, FTI Touristik Group, which operates in the travel industry with its headquarters based in Munich, Germany. FTIAS offers a wide range of back-office services to the parent company including accounts payable services through the processing of supplier invoices, the management of supplier relations, and account maintenance. In addition, FTIAS also offers book-keeping and reporting services, technology as well as training services to the subsidiaries and third parties.

FTIAS has built extensive expertise in these processes and has developed technical resources as well as employee competence to address these needs.

The company takes pride in being an Equal Opportunities Employer, giving space to a diverse workforce and presenting career rather than job opportunities to its employees through training and opportunities for development. The management team has gained experience through on-the-job responsibilities, as well as formal training, and in most instances have worked their way internally to these positions. FTIAS considers its internal pool of talent as the first channel to look into when considering promotions and roles featuring higher levels of responsibility.

FTI Touristik Group employs over 6,000 employees world-wide, with FTIAS comprising over 150 employees.