Why Outsource

Outsourcing part of your business functions can present an attractive opportunity and a means for achieving higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Through our service we will guide you in identifying first and foremost whether outsourcing does in fact represent the most viable option. From there we can then present the possibilities and solutions offered by FTIAS Limited.

There are a number of benefits in the outsourcing of benefits. The decision to outsource can allow you to save on labour costs, by tapping into providers which can offer solutions based on more effective economies of scales. Operational expenditure and associated risks, can also be better managed through capital investment and outsourcing.

The decision to outsource can allow your company to concentrate more effectively on the core business processes and allow better quality yields and outputs through the use of expert knowledge and providers.

FTIAS can provide services in a number of dedicated areas including Back Office operations, Advisory, IT, Payroll and HR services.