Our Culture

Our missions and goals feed directly into our company culture and into our work practices.

At FTIAS Limited, we see value in continuously re-appraising our standing and re-establishing goals to always aim higher. The achievement of awards always represents a new starting point rather than one of arrival. Over these past years, we have managed to remain at the top of our game in a fast-changing market and increasingly competitive international context through re-evaluation, investment and above all the valuing and development of our internal human resources. At FTIAS, we strive for best practice and over the years we have embarked on six sigma projects to develop competencies and skills within a scientific paradigm.

We take equally seriously opportunities for social interaction and leisure. Our Social Committee Club, formed by a team of our own employees, is responsible for organizing events and activities on an ongoing basis.

Whatever we go in for, we go in with an unrelenting passion and enthusiasm to make it the best experience we possibly can. See behind the scenes at FTIAS and get a snippet of our culture.