LAL Schools Section

“To establish cost-efficient processes by leading project teams through effective planning and communication and by creating the necessary reporting framework to monitor and control the resulting performance whilst nurturing an environment of continuous learning where team members have the opportunity to further their skills and achieve success in their career.”

Daniel Bugeja – Processes, Projects, Reports Manager

Daniel was born 12th August, 1987 and joined FTIAS on 19th December, 2005 as a Data Processing Clerk. He was promoted to Account Technician on the 1st April, 2006. His first appraisal on 31st July, 2006 noted, “Daniel is very energetic and committed. He gives a good level of performance and takes initiative in his work”. A further review commented, he is hard working and full of energy and initiative which helps him to make his job more interesting and challenging”. Daniel was promoted to Account Officer 1st April, 2007.

Daniel is technically minded and has an extreme analytical approach to his work tasks by way of analysing various options to seek the best solution. Due to having an excellent IT and Projects knowledge within FTIAS, Daniel with his hands on and high level of commitment to IT and Projects he started a Traineeship for an Administrator position 1st January, 2010 and was promoted on the 1st October, 2010.

The IT and Projects Department was established within our team in 2010 and Daniel was selected to supervise the general IT and projects. The development and growth of the department eventually led to the decision for this to be established as a separate entity and from February 2012 Daniel has been acting as Administrator in the Projects, Processes and Reports Section (PPR). Due to his consistent effort to improve in whatever he undertakes, Daniel has been appointed in April, 2014 as a Manager.

Daniel has completed a BTEC Higher Diploma in Business and Management and is being sponsored by FTIAS Limited for a BA in Business Management.

Daniel co-founded the FTIAS Sports and Social Committee in March 2009 where he held the position of treasurer. He likes music, socialising, sports and reading. He has also played table tennis with FTI SSC in the Maltese national league.


Dragoslav Vesic – Process, Projects, Reports Administrator

Dragoslav Vesic was born on the 18th February, 1976 and joined FTIAS Limited in March, 2012.

He joined FTIAS Ltd. as an Officer within the PPR Section, and still forms part of this team. Dragoslav adjusted very quickly to the hectic environment within FTIAS and was also able of using and sharing past experiences with other members of the team.  As a result, from the 1st January, 2014, he was promoted to Administrator within the company. His overall responsibilities now include the establishment and supervision of number of projects aimed at improving the organizational processes and procedures.

Dragoslav holds a B.A. (Hons) International Relations and M.A. Human Rights and Democratisation, with both degrees having been completed at University of Malta.

Dragoslav enjoys reading a good book, watching movies and jogging at Sliema sea-front. He is an avid follower of Partizan football club in international competitions, and follows football matches across different European destinations. In his free time, Dragoslav enjoys spending quality time with his son Andrej.


Jessica Vella – Process, Projects, Reports Administrator

Born in 1990, Jessica joined FTIAS in July, 2010 as a Data Processing Clerk. Following a short term in this junior position and having displayed a high level of determination and commitment at a young age, Jessica was promoted to Account Technician level in 2011.

Her attitude towards continuous learning, and her willingness to take on new responsibilities helped Jessica acquire a great deal of experience during this time, particularly in the systems and processes used at FTIAS. Just after 8 months of her previous promotion, following developments within the Projects, Processes and Reports Team, Jessica was identified to join this department in April 2012 in the role of Projects Officer. Her improved analytical skills and eye for detail resulted to be a valuable asset for her new department.

Jessica’s loyalty towards the company and a display of “on the job” professionalism by giving guidelines to those with less experience, she was appointed in October, 2014 as Administrator within the same department. She is now responsible for process improvement activities, managing, monitoring and controlling company projects, supporting internal departments by offering them quick solutions to their daily problems and also delivering training to internal employees on new projects developed.

Jessica is currently pursuing a BSc Honours in Internet Application Development at Middlesex University sponsored by FTIAS.

During her spare time she likes cooking, photography and traveling. Jessica is also a keen sport practitioner with good competence in Basketball, Netball, Football and Tennis. She is also a Basketball coach, training children aged 9yrs – 14yrs.