IT Software Development Section

“To retain current customers and attract new ones by portraying a professional image and promoting the name of FTIAS in all media.”

Oliver Martin Grech – Software Development Manager

Oliver M. Grech was born on the 11th November, 1986. He joined FTIAS Limited on the 21st June, 2010, where he started off as a Projects Technician working on Excel Macros. After 4 months Oliver proposed the idea of having centralized web applications. Web Applications and various other software applications were widely implemented with the demand eventually leading to the need of having a Software Development Team. Oliver was appointed as a Team Leader for the team on January, 2012. He achieved this target after demonstrating technical competence, but also a creative flair, as well as the ability to manage effectively projects and teams. Oliver continues to support FTIAS and has been appointed as Trainee Manager from 1st January, 2014 and is spearheading the Software Development Team. Oliver successfully promoted to Manager on January 2015.

Oliver has worked on software development using PHP and MySQL for over 10 years. He has completed an Advanced Diploma in PHP Development through MCAST, an avid and certified Scrum Master and is also a ZCE (Zend Certified Engineer).

His Hobbies include composing music, sound engineering, playing bass guitar, drums, guitar, clarinet and synthesizer.