IT & House Maintenance Section

“To efficiently provide outstanding IT support to all Malta locations whilst constantly working within the guidelines stipulated by the central IT department and address the customers’ needs by delivering innovative and creative tailor-made software to FTIAS and other teams within the FTI Group. We also strive in creating the ideal working environment to our team members in order to offer them the possibility to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge.”

Marco Magri – IT Systems and Services Manager

Marco was born in 1981 and employed with FTI as a Data Processing Clerk in 1999.
He quickly became capable of processing data at exceptional speed and accuracy. His willingness to learn and develop himself within the Company gave Marco an excellent knowledge of IT and processing systems. In return for outstanding dedication Marco was promoted to the Account Technician level but was acting in the Account Officer level in March, 2000. During his term at this post he supervised the Supplier Invoice Processing Section in the absence of the responsible Administrator.

Marco maintained his commitment to the company and developed further his general IT knowledge by obtaining the A+ (software) and N+ (Networking) qualifications. He continued his studies further and obtained Microsoft certification as Systems Engineer (MCSE). His constant hard work and diligence secured promotion to the senior level in IT in 2002 and consequently Assistant Manager – IT & House Maintenance, with effect from March 2004.

Due to Marco’s systems and IT knowledge he was instrumental in the supervision and project management in 2006 for the move to our new corporate offices. He has also assisted in Group networking systems in Malta and abroad. Following a 10 year distinguished career with FTI, Marco is now our IT & House Maintenance Manager.

During his spare time Marco enjoys reading IT journals and keeping up to date with current affairs. He is also a car enthusiast.


Mark Vassallo – IT Systems and Services Administrator

Born in 1991, Mark joined the Company on the 28th July, 2010 where he started off as a Data Processing Clerk with the Supplier Invoice Processing Section. Mark displayed qualities that warranted him a transfer to the IT section, an area which he studied for the past three and a half years. Following an impressive start in this department, he was promoted to the Account Technician level on 1st September, 2012. Due to Mark continuous commitment and dedication to his tasks, he was promoted to IT Systems and Services Officer in August, 2013. Mark continuous company support and high level of experience, warranted him in Jannuary, 2014 a traineeship position within the IT System and services section. He is now responsible for the day to day helpdesk issues for all the schools and hotels owned by the FTI Group.

Mark was also part of the Company Sports and Social Committee (SSC) between March, 2011 and February, 2013 which committee has the responsibility of organising the company’s staff activities.

He graduated in 2011 when he obtained a Bachelor of Science (Hons) with specialization in IT and Networking with the STC training institute.

Mark enjoys traveling, shopping, socializing and participating in sports, especially in Football, where he played with diverse teams in Malta’s second league.