General Management

Kevin-Jude Paris – Managing Director

Kevin was born in 1970 and was employed with FTI in 1990 as an Assistant Accountant working in close liaison and reporting to the Managing Director. He started his career developing various software systems to control the checking of invoices received from suppliers in addition to general accounting responsibilities. Throughout the years he has been instrumental in the creation, development and modifications of many systems which to this day continue to prove effective to the Company.

Kevin was promoted to Accounts Manager in December 1994, a position in which he continued to play a supporting role to the Company Managing Director and working hard at attaining the objectives of the Company and the FTI Group as a whole.

In July 1999 Kevin was promoted to General Manager where he took on the day to day management of the Company ensuring its smooth operation. Following the restructuring of the Company in 2007, Kevin’s experience and loyalty to the company led him to the position of Managing Director of FTIAS.

Kevin graduated in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Henley Business School in 2011.

Kevin is passionate about sports especially racquet sports, his favourite being tennis, but he also enjoys table tennis and squash. Over the last few years he started following rugby which he describes as really intriguing, but, as he honestly admits, he limits himself to watching rugby either at the Hibs stadium when Malta is playing, or on TV!


Marouska Frantz – General Manager

Born in 1979, Marouska was employed with the company in 1997 in the role of a Data Processing Clerk. In this role she always performed at a very high level. In addition Marouska always displayed a positive attitude and with her likeable personality, drive and enthusiasm, she was able to progress within the company ranks very quickly. In fact in 1999 she was promoted to an Account Officer position.

Although relatively young, Marouska settled into her new responsibilities and duties extremely well. She gained systems knowledge, experience and respect from Company Management and Customers alike. Her interpersonal skills are ongoing as she strives for excellence. As a result she was further promoted in 2002 as Team Leader in charge of the Payments Control team.

In 2004, as a key member of the company and having demonstrated a supportive role to top management, Marouska was promoted to Manager – Supplier Relations team. Since then she progressed further on to a Senior Manager position and has been appointed as General Manager in 2011.

In addition to her many responsibilities as General Manager, Marouska acts as a Liaison Officer between Malta and Germany on many ongoing projects and has been instrumental in the development and implementation of systems and procedures. She continually gives valued assistance to the Board of Directors and the FTI Group top management in Munich.

Marouska has read for a Diploma in Management with the University of Malta in 2008 and is currently undertaking an MBA course with the University of Leicester. Marouska is also following a Six Sigma course were she has recently achieved a yellow belt certification.