Customer Relations & Payments Control Section

“Our aim is to develop and maintain exceptional relationships with external customers whilst seeking new opportunities. To achieve this we strive to ensure a consistent and efficient internal process flow, by coaching, mentoring and appraising staff members.”

Carlo Ciscaldi – Customer Relations and Payments Control Manager

Born in 1978, Carlo joined the Company in 2003. He was appointed as an Account Officer within the Supplier Relations Section. He brought with him vast experience in leadership having worked with a top airline Company. His keen sense of responsibility, positive attitude and diligent task handling is a valued asset to his role and to the Company. Carlo was promoted to the position of Administrator in January, 2008 and had the overall responsibility of a team of Account Officers and various destinations worldwide. Carlo was subsequently appointed Manager on 1st July, 2011. He was lately appointed as Customer Relations’ Manager, where he is responsible to strengthen relationships both with the company’s internal and external clients.

Carlo graduated in 2006 when he obtained a Diploma in Management Studies with the University of Malta. He is currently reading for his MBA with the University of Leicester. FTIAS Limited has sponsored Carlo for his MBA.

Carlo co-founded with a number of other employees the Company Sports and Social Committee (SSC) in March, 2009 which committee is still active to date and has the responsibility of organizing the Company’s staff activities.

In his free time Carlo is active in various sporting and cultural activities within his hometown Hamrun. He was lately elected as assistant General Secretary of the amateur sports club, Hamrun Liberty S.C.


Dorothy Camilleri – Payments Control & Liaison Team Leader

Born in 1976, Dorothy joined FTI in 1999 taking up the role of Account Technician. Due to loyalty and commitment in her role she was promoted to Account Officer level in January, 2003 taking on various tasks including Caribbean, Malta and Longhaul destinations. In 2004, Dorothy became a Company First Aid Specialist.

Dorothy became a very capable Account Officer and after in-house traineeship, she was promoted to Administrator in 2005. Having gained a wealth of experience and systems’ knowledge, Dorothy became a “Roamer”, supervising and assisting in various departments across the Supplier Relations Section.

In 2008, she completed her studies in reading for a Diploma in Management with the University of Malta. In January, 2010, Dorothy was promoted to Supplier Payments Control Manager. She continued with her studies and in October, 2011 she obtained a Master Degree in Business Administration.

Due to her growing commitment, in 2013 Dorothy was promoted to Supplier Invoice Control Manager taking under her responsibilities both the Supplier Rates Control Section and the Supplier Payments Section.

During her spare time she likes to cook, studies viticulture and gardening, and tries to spend as much time as possible with her family.


Stephanie Cassar – Customer Relations Team Leader

Stephanie Vella was born on the 3rd January, 1989 and was originally employed with FTIAS Limited on the 16th July, 2007, as a Data Processing Clerk and was soon promoted as an Account Technician. After one year, as a result of demonstrated competence, and high levels of enthusiasm, she was promoted to the position of Account Officer within the Supplier Relations Section were she was responsible of various products, including Canary Islands, Balkans and Turkey.

After occupying this position for three years, and due to her growing commitment, Stephanie was appointed as a Trainer in the Supplier Relations Section. Having gained experience and showing a clear positive attitude and willingness to take on responsibility, after a couple of months Stephanie was appointed Trainer in the Supplier Invoice Processing Sections. Having gained experience in the Supplier Invoice Processing Section and showing a clear positive attitude and willingness to take on responsibility, on April, 2013 she was appointed as Trainee Administrator.

Stephanie holds a Level 5 ILM Diploma in Management. She will be reading for a Master in Business Administration with Heriot-Watt University, starting March, 2013.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading, coking and spending quality time with her family and friends.