Berlin Shipping Section

“Providing high-end value added customer service through the acquisition and application of expertise. Sharing knowledge and supporting internal teams whilst encouraging continuous innovation and business process improvement methodologies.”

Erica Catania – Trainee Accounts Manager

Born in September, 1983, Erika joined FTIAS Ltd on 17th April, 2006 with a variety of work experiences and with an AAT Diploma. Originally employed as a Data Processing Clerk, Erika was soon promoted to Account Technician on 1st July, 2006. This promotion was forthcoming due to demonstrating a high level of energy and keen interest in her job.

Following Erika’s first performance appraisal on 28th March, 2007 it was commented, “Erika has a very good attitude and transpires energy and positivity. She is a hard worker and ready to do the extra mile to get things done. Erika has managed to gain already a lot of knowledge considering she has been with the Company for only one year”. In view of Erika’s outstanding and appreciated performance she was promoted to Account Officer with effect from 1st March, 2007.

Erika was admitted onto an Administration traineeship in May, 2010 and on successful completion she was promoted Supplier Relations Administrator in February, 2011. In the Supplier Relations Section Erika was responsible for the performance of her Officers and the accounts of suppliers in various worldwide destinations.

Due to internal organisational restructuring in April, 2013 Erika was appointed Process Support Section Administrator and in this role she is responsible for supporting internal sections and processes inside FTIAS, while also providing guidance to these sections in order to promote efficiency.

Erika has successfully finished the Diploma in Management in 2012 which was sponsored by FTIAS Limited.

Erika has a keen interest in art, fashion, movies and likes to read.